KNote is an advanced and secure note taking program with built-in file management and blogging capabilities. To learn more about KNote, see KNote in action: MP4 or on YouTube (Introduction and How to use the organizer panel).

KNote Features:

  • Secure

    Keep your personal notes truly personal. Unlike other note taking programs that store one's notes online in plaintext, KNote encrypts notes with bank-grade security and lets users decide where to keep their notes. Notes can be stored on local hard disk, flash drive, network drive or even space provided by file hosting services such as Dropbox.

  • Easy to Use

    KNote includes a simple but elegant user interface, a familiar graphical text editor and a powerful search engine. One can easily find the right notes using the built-in google like search function or browse the notes based on their modification time, creation time, titles and tags. Notes on the same topic can be easily grouped together using tags.

  • Quick Organizing

    Ever want to capture thoughts, ideas, and information on a specific topic or project? Simply create a note with KNote. KNote preserves the format of URLs and contents pasted in from your browsers and allows quick attachment of files/folders to your notes via drag/drop or copy/paste. You can even connect different notes together using KNote Link Button.

  • Simple Sharing

    Sharing a note could never be easier with KNote. A note can be published to the KNote Blog with a click of a button. Send the private link to your friends and family and they can leave their comments on the published note. (Only those who you send the link to can access the published note.) If you want to change the content of a published note, simply publish again and the old content will be overwritten.

  • Portable

    KNote can be run directly from a USB flash drive. No installations are required. Easy transport and back up of Notes.

  • Free for personal use

    See End User License Agreement for detail. Please contact us for commercial license or customization.


KNote Version 0.97 for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7

KNote Type Installation instruction
Download msi
Download and run the installer. (Skip "unknown publisher dialog")
Download zip Download and unzip to a folder/external flash drive. Start KNote by running KNoteStart.exe. (Skip "unknown publisher dialog")
Manual pdf

 End User License Agreement